Software engineer (Python)

Build high-tech solutions within the video industry for international clients
Software inHouse Kortrijk


For an innovative international company in Courtrai with a focus on solutions within the video industry, we are looking for a driven software engineer. It is one of the largest players in the field of video solutions.

Today’s consumers have an infinite amount of choice – of content, channels and platforms. When you watch a video on your screen, the data and the signal behind these images have undergone many transfigurations. To bring the video and audio from e.g. a recording studio or a stadium to the end-user, they develop several platforms (servers/cloud based/...) to process this video signal and configure it to the best possible quality, bandwidth and the right format for a TV, tablet, smartphone etc. Besides their core business they also do video security, anti-privacy, target advertisement etc.

As a software engineer you will be involved in the development process for their Python test framework. This includes debugging and fault finding of customer/field issues, hardware and software support and managing the product end-of-life stage. System Verification Testing is the last step in releasing a product onto the market. This stage requires intensive testing of the product according to system architectures and product requirements. All aspects of the product as well as interactivity with 3rd party systems are tested in an end-to-end environment. Besides experience with Python development is knowledge of networking, Linux and testing a big plus. You always work with a real passion for your profession and you are constantly busy enriching yourself on a technological level.

It is a company that values its employees. They believe that happy employees translate into a good work environment.


  • Experience with Python development
  • Master degree or PhD
  • Affinity with Testing, Linux and Networking


  • A extraordinairy salary with an extensive package of extra-legal benefits
  • You will be working in a very fascinating complex environment
  • Working for an international player with globally known customers and who are very concerned about the welfare of their employees


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