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Freelance O365/Sharepoint Developer - Regio Leuven

Uitkijkend naar een nieuw project als O365/Sharepoint Developer in de regio van Leuven?



Start vanaf

Juli 2022

Min. duur

6 maanden met optie tot verlenging


3-4 dagen


Kardex / Slim 4


From the organisation of Enduser Workplace/Collaboration we are looking for an experienced O365 Developer. You will work in a team that continuously integrates new technology from the O365 suite. We have a team of experienced developers, challenging functional analysts, a business analyst and a cell of application managers to support the products that we deliver.

We work in a SAFe Agile framework with a Scrum Master and a Product Owner to facilitate the team and manage the backlog. Development tasks go from creating new content in the SharePoint environment, integrating apps in other products from O365 like for example teams, migrating data with ShareGate, but also building PowerApps/PowerAutomate and performing maintenance of existing solutions.




Required competences & skills

• Excellent knowledge of React and SPFx solutions

• Knowledge of redux state management is a big bonus

• Understanding how to build and maintain enterprise applications, meaning

• Understand how to structure an application for better maintainability

• Quickly find your way in a complicated solution with minimum explanation about the structure of the application

• git and DevOps have no secrets:

• Understand DevOps pipelines (build and deploy)

• Work with branches and work items to maintain complex code applications

• Merges into the development / master branch never cause issues

• CSOM and .NET experience to maintain Web API’s

• Good knowledge of SharePoint

• Good knowledge of Azure Functions

• Good knowledge of SharePoint REST API’s

• Good knowledge of Microsoft Graph

• Good knowledge of oauth authentication, especially in context of SharePoint

• Cloud development in context of Azure:

• Web API’s deployed on Azure

• WebJobs deployed on Azure

• Critical view on user stories to understand the business requirements and ask the right questions. This ensures the delivered solution meets the acceptance criteria and expectations of the business client.

• Knows the SCRUM Agile process and follows up on assigned work items, so there is a clear view on progress during sprints

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