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Freelance Functioneel analist - Regio Leuven/ Namen

Uitkijkend naar een nieuw project als Functioneel analist voor een groot project?



Start vanaf

Mei 2022

Min. duur

Minimum 12 maanden met optie tot verlenging!


3-4 dagen


Kardex / Slim 4



I participate in the functional analysis of IT systems: I translate the functional needs of users into clear and structured specifications for the development team. To do this, I analyse user requirements and use a modelling language (UML) for functional analysis and BPMN for process description. I feed and maintain the improvements of the solutions to be developed, write the test plans and ensure their correct execution. Throughout the duration of a project, I work closely with the project manager and the client using an Agile or Waterfall method. My experience with project management tools such as JIRA is a big asset in this role.


Preferably, I can rely on my experience in the field of GIS (Geographic Information System) to successfully complete my projects. I am also used to working with SQL and relational databases (Oracle Spatial, PostGreSQL/PostGIS). Experience with data manipulation tools (ETL) such as FME or Model Builder (Esri) is an asset. I attach particular importance to the ability to synthesise and to be rigorous, which are essential qualities in my role as a functional analyst. I am also empathetic towards the future users of a solution, which contributes to the development of truly functional applications. I can rely on my communication and teaching skills which are necessary during the analysis, conceptualisation and training phases.


Developing long-lasting relationships with my clients as well as assisting and advising them are priorities for me. I actively seek feedback and quality dialogue in order to have a clear view of the client's needs and the evolution of these needs at any given time. Through this approach, I work with the team to develop new combinations of services and products, and develop a long-term vision of the solutions and products to be provided. This enables me to develop reusable solutions that fit perfectly into the client's context.


I am committed to the deadlines that are set and stay focused on the team's schedule and the deliverables that we aim to achieve as a team. I critically review processes and tools and involve my colleagues in developing and implementing improvements. With my input, solutions, processes and collaborations evolve to a higher level which encourages colleagues, clients and partners to look at the challenges from a broader perspective.


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