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Freelance Full Stack Developer - Regio Leuven/ Namen

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Start vanaf

Mei 2022

Min. duur

Minimum 12 maanden met optie tot verlenging!


3-4 dagen


Kardex / Slim 4


I take part in the development and delivery of web applications powered by Java EE 6, Websphere, XML, Postgres, SQL, Hibernate, REST, AngularJS, Struts2, SOAP, Junit and Maven, with the end goal of a satisfied customer in mind. For this reason, I purposefully take part in technical analysis, developments, code reviews, delivery activities, internal meetings, and customer meetings. Other tools & methodologies used are Gitlab, Jira and Scrum. Preferably I can count on experience in the field of GIS, through which I have acquired skills within PostGIS, JTS, JSTS and OpenLayers.

While I am an excellent developer on my own merit, I work in close collaboration with my colleague-developers and technical lead of our project. I gladly share my ideas for improvements with them, am curious about the bigger picture, and I acquire new skills to be able to work on all the components of a solution. At my core, I strive for quality & maintainability when I code. Lastly, I keep an eye on the reasons why my developments are needed and do not hesitate to seek directions from my colleagues or our technical lead when I am not sure what is best for the final users.

Thanks to my perfect French and good English, there are no obstacles for me to follow the latest trends in the field of development tools, frameworks and languages. I ensure we use the best tools to meet our customer’s needs.


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