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Freelance Frontend Developer - Regio Antwerpen Centrum

Uitkijkend naar een nieuw project als Frontend Developer in het Hartje van Antwerpen?



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Min. duur

Minimum 6 maanden met optie tot verlenging!


3-4 dagen


Kardex / Slim 4


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You mainly work with HTML, CSS and numerous javascript libraries. You are also very interested in new technologies and you have a good understanding of design and usability, you have strong communication skills, and you function well in a fast-growing environment.

Your duties include, but are not limited to, the following duties;

  • You use Responsive Web Design (RWD) techniques in web development: view mockups, bring them to life on desktop and connected devices  

  • You build multi-platform websites using Responsive Web Design/ RWD (media queries, progressive enhancement, feature discovery etc..)  

  • You develop interactive components with JavaScript and jQuery, integrates with internal tools, frameworks and services, as well as external APIs. You work together with backend developers and editors 

  • You translate UI designs into well-organized and structured HTML/CSS that is compatible with modern browsers, and you use open source tools & frameworks to improve the structure and maintainability of the front-end code where possible. 

  • You design user interfaces with a modern and sleek aesthetics aimed at delivering intuitive and enjoyable user experiences  

  • You create wireframes to illustrate high-quality solutions for an application and feature requests



  • At least 2 years of relevant professional experience in front-end development for web and mobile applications 

  • You have extensive experience with most of the following techniques and tools: HTML5, JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue.js, Typescript, Responsive design/ frameworks, Git, Jenkins, Jira 

  • Experience with backend technology in Java is a plus. 

  • Being able to write high-performance and reusable code according to the best coding guidelines

  • Agile is made for you 

  • You have a great problem-solving ability and can think analytically 

  • You are 'positive' critical and can convey your opinion constructively 

  • You always want to learn and share knowledge with your colleagues. You are a Team player

  • You have strong communication skills in both Dutch and English


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