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Freelance Big Data Cloud Architect - Regio Leuven

Uitkijkend naar een nieuw project als Big Data Cloud Architect in regio Leuven.



Start vanaf

oktober 2022

Min. duur

14 maanden met optie tot verlenging


Tot 2 dagen


Kardex / Slim 4


As a big data cloud engineer, you are responsible for the engineering, integration and maintenance of the big data platform. The focus is on technology/infrastructure services, not the usage and development methodologies that use the big data platform. The latter is handled by data engineering teams with which you will be working closely.

You help to design the platform and the required services with focus on security, maintainability, flexibility, efficiency in a cost efficient manner. You work together with architects and analysts to come to a proper design, scrum masters to govern the exercise and its allocated resources, and data engineers and data scientists to ensure effective positioning and service offerings.

You ensure that the services are correctly deployed and maintained across the various quality environments, and that this maintenance and support can be done by other members of the team. To accomplish this, you develop the right set of documentation (user, administration and expert documentation) and ensure handover and information sessions to colleagues as well as core stakeholders



An in depth knowledge of AWS concepts, data analytics services in specific, global AWS services in general and popular open source data tooling is a must:

• Cloud computing

• Capacity versus cost management

• Data analytics in AWS

• Authentication integration with on-prem backend (Active Directory/LDAP/Cognito/SNOW/ID4)

• Monitoring and Event Handling/Security incidents escalation (Siem)

• Network Segmentation and Firewalling

• Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprises (SAFe)


You have an in-depth knowledge on the following services as those play a pivotal role in the setup, maintenance and integration of the platform:

• Kubernetes • AWS Lambda (python)

• Data management tooling

• AWS Athena

• AWS Glue

• AWS S3

• Data access control

• AWS SageMaker

• ML flow

• Apache Spark

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