Freelance Java Developer in de fintech wereld.

Ga aan de slag als Java developer in Mechelen.
IT Freelance inHouse Mechelen


As a Java developer you will be part of the R&D or the professional services team solutions. You will participate in the design, development and optimization of the architecture of the solution, and be the lead developer for a number of components of the system.

You will be working on a multi-tier architecture using state-of-the-art design and development techniques such as MDA, REST and RIA, with a strong focus on enterprise characteristics, such as horizontal scalability, redundancy and high availability.

You combine a self-supporting attitude and the ability to work autonomously with an excellent team spirit. You will operate as a key player in an agile software development environment.


  • Experience in the Java programming language and related technologies,
  • An understanding of how to write testable and maintainable code,
  • An eagerness to learn new tools & technologies, and to share this knowledge,
  • A good grasp of Dutch and English.
  • Experience with data analytics,
  • Familiarity with XML and related technologies (SAX, DOM, XPath, XSLT),
  • Experience with Solr, ElasticSearch or Lucene,
  • Knowledge of model-driven architecture or code generation,
  • Experience with MQ, Kafka or other message-oriented middleware.